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Church Planting Program

The Church Planting Certificate is a series of six courses working towards building a final capstone project. As a church planter, you can hope to be grounded in the biblical perspective that you are joining God’s ongoing mission in the world, so that you can equip your plants to become disciple-making, church-planting movements that result in personal salvation and community transformation! We hope to help you recognize how your own roots in Christ determine the strength of your church plant, and therefore develop emotional and spiritual practices that form you and your launch team. We want to equip you with the intercultural and leadership skills to share the gospel in the language and culture of your city, leading to a healthy, diverse, contextualized church. The capstone project will systematically guide you through writing a comprehensive church planting plan that articulates your God-given vision, values, and goals while blending that with a strategy and budget for achieving that vision!

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This bundle includes all six courses and a final project validated by Fuller experts that will allow you to earn your Professional Certificate.


Program Bundle Price: $950

A Professional Certificate is earned through a successful completion of a series of Courses

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